KISS Pro Pinball Machine, Pinball machine for sale

Pinball machine for sale

Used Pinball Machines For Sale pinball machine for sale, hold a special place in the hearts of many collectors and enthusiasts. The allure of these machines lies in their nostalgic charm and the unique gameplay experience they offer. In the early years of pinball, machines were entirely mechanical, featuring intricate mechanisms and artwork that captured …

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Medieval Madness Pinball Machine

Medieval Madness Pinball Machine by Williams

Medieval Madness, regarded by a major part of the Pinball-Community as the best Machine of all time, was manufactured in 1997. Prototypes were released in March 1997. The serial-production ended in October-November of the same year The centerpiece of the playfield is an animated castle with a solenoid-controlled portcullis and motorized drawbridge. One of the …

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Elvira’s House of Horrors Premium Pinball Machine

Elvira’s House of Horrors Pinball by stern.

The taunting is over and the haunting begins in the third and campiest installment of the Elvira pinball trilogy!  Trying to sell her mansion through “Alternate Realty”, Elvira’s house is haunted by the movie characters from her past.  These ghouls, ghosts, monsters, and strange assortment of vintage characters with horrific acting skills seek revenge on …

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Terminator 3 pinball Machine By Stern

He’s back! On July 2nd Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in the U.S. release ofTERMINATOR® 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES™, the biggest installment yet in the blockbuster Terminator® series. And from the key members of the design team that brought you Terminator 2: Judgment Day™ now comes Stern Pinball’s greatest pinball machine ever, TERMINATOR® 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES™. Designed by Steve Ritchie, formerly …

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KISS Pro Pinball Machine

KISS Pinball Machine by stern

Note! There are multiple versions of this game!This is “KISS (Pro)”.The other version is: KISS (Premium/LE) Stern Pinball’s KISS pinball machines reflect the energy, excitement, and experience of a live KISS concert. Players will experience10 famous KISS hits in the concert arena playfield and embark on an exhilarating experience ultimately becoming elite members of the …

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